The Journey Home

Impossible I hear you say, maybe? But then so was putting a man on the moon,  dropping the Atomic bomb on 2 populated cities, a black man in the White House, peace in Northern Ireland, the genocide of 6 million Jews, and coming out of surgery with another person beating heart, you can see what I’m getting at.

some of the above are negative some positive, and when discussing the slave trade it’s very odd, because it was a traumatic and horrific practice, if you can picture yourself as child with your friends collecting berries and playing, then within seconds a group of fair skinned men shouting in an strange language, known by many tribes as the child stealers, they grab you, beat you with a stick so you know they mean business, tie you up and throw you on a cart with other kids you may or may not know, after a few days or so you arrive at a bustling town on the coast, new smells and new sights, you see other carts loaded with more frightened kids, but for you and your friends fear kills any inquisitive thoughts you may have, your then thrown into a small hot cell, the stench of human excrement and urine  hangs in the air, which is hot and motionless, 20 to 30 of you share this space with just enough room to sit cross legged, hungry, thirsty and ultimately scared shitless, with no idea of what is in store for you, all you know is that you are not alone, and maybe, just maybe this collective unity gives you some hope that you may be okay….. Believe me when I say I am no idealist, I’d like to think that at some point we as humans can work to a single goal (peace) but as humans we have systematically raped the planet of minerals, flora, fauna and human life, and it continues to this day, and why, greed......

So the reason I say odd, is because if my ancestors the Nzema had been left to live there simple farming lives, I would not be sitting here in the UK writing this, which is one of the reasons this negative positive paradox has compelled me to try and find where it all began.

Our cousin Glenroy Fuller, was very helpful a few years back and supplied me with some information about our slave owner, William Pilgrim who died in Barbados in the early 1800’s, he had no children, and from Glens information the Pilgrims migrated to Belize after William died and set up a saw mill, looking at old records of the indigenous trees back then, Mahogany and Rosewood and several other timbers were highly priced and still are today, but are now in short supply, Glen also mentioned that there maybe documentation about the family house in Belize regarding it’s date of construction.

I am still in contact with Glen, and he is a great source of information, as you probably all know, so my request is open to anyone in Belize or the USA, Canada, and anywhere else our family maybe, I want to include as many family and friends as possible.

So the first steps for me are to find as much as I can about our slave owner William Pilgrim, I have booked an appointment at the British Library in London which has one of the largest collection of records on British companies, traders and the slave trade, due to its size many documents have not be digitized and are only available to view by appointment for researchers.

Please get in touch with me via the contacts tab at the top of the site if you will be visiting the house in Belize at anytime in the future, as any paperwork stored at the house could be an important link to the Journey Home, it will take quite a bit of time to collect the relevant data, at the moment I am having the more complex side of the Mitochondrial DNA result deciphered as there are at least 20 direct matches across the world, these are recent matches within the last 180 years, ultimately a documented trip back to an exact area in Ghana would be my goal, and possibly a crowd funded project/film for internet based media viewing.